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      YBW31000 / 31300 three color plate printing machine

      Return list writer:admin click:3891 published:2019-10-26

      Product Name:

      Ybw31000 / 31300 three color plate printing machine

      Product Description:

      Performance application the machine is suitable for printing and polishing of wood grain and pattern of PVC plastic board, wood floor, foam board and wall protection board. Three sets of colors and three patterns can be printed at the same time, and the printing plate can be vertically and horizontally to any flower. Printing, cleaning, polishing, leveling, UV drying and conveying are completed at one time, with adjustable printing speed and convenient operation. Special specifications can be designed according to user requirements. Technical parameters printing maximum film covering width 1000 / 1300mm printing thickness 1-80mm printing speed 0-25m / min total power 30KW boundary dimension 16000 × 800 × 2200mm

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