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      Welcome to the official website of Wuxi Shengjin Machinery Co., Ltd!

      Main products of Wuxi Shengjin Machinery Co., Ltd

      Return list writer:admin click:5040 published:2019-10-26

      The representative products of our company are: bfl1300 × 300 floor wax sealing machine; fmty300 plate laminating and hot stamping dual-purpose machine patented by the state intellectual products; fmd300 / 400 multi-functional laminating machine; prlfmd300 plate and roll hot and cold glue multi-functional laminating machine; bty200 plate and line hot stamping machine; ybw series two color / three color plate printing machine, etc. In 2005, it was awarded famous brand products of Jiangsu Province.

      We will take "sincere quality, sincere price and sincere people" as our tenet, take "bold innovation and continuous progress" as our spirit, participate in the market competition with new technology and new products, and offer the follow-up products of users with high-tech content and high added value.

      Warmly welcome customers to come to guide and negotiate business.

      Product consultation


      Address: K3-2,88#,Qianyao Road, Wuxi City, Jiangsu, China (Next to Qinxin Garden)

      Contact: SUE Foreign Trade Manager

      Tel:+0086 15052228103

      Fax:+0086 0510 85626661