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      Technology and development of domestic printing press in China

      Return list writer:admin click:3855 published:2019-10-26

      1、 Four color offset printing machine has gradually become the darling of the market

      In the previous exhibitions, the domestic offset press mainly featured single and double colors, and the four-color offset press market has been controlled by foreign manufacturers. Almost all the exhibitors of offset printing machines in this exhibition have launched four-color offset printing machines, from eight opening four-color to four opening four-color, split four-color and full four-color, and some manufacturers have also launched five-color machines. The display proportion of traditional single and two-color offset press greatly reduces the user's expectation of four-color press far higher than that of single and two-color press. According to the manufacturer's report, almost all four-color machine orders of each manufacturer have been arranged three months later, some even have been arranged to the end of the year. The popularity of the four-color machine has something to do with the market cultivation over the years. In the past few decades, the printing press market in China has been dominated by single and double color printing machines. Many printing factories have purchased single and double color printing machines at the beginning. They have accumulated some capital through many years and just reached the strength of purchasing domestic four-color printing machines, which is also the main reason why the market of domestic four-color printing machines is optimistic.

      2、 Steady improvement of machine performance

      Now the era of stop and go is over when domestic printing machines can perform live printing. Accurate overprinting at the specified speed has not become a major problem. The overprinting error of the samples displayed on site can be controlled within 0.05mm, and the speed of the machine can reach more than 10000 rpm. The quality of field printing and flat screen printing has also been improved significantly. The noise of the machine can basically meet the requirements of the standard. In particular, beiren's roll paper printing machine has reached 75000 sheets / hour, which has reached the advanced level of similar products abroad.

      3、 Machine structure design is closer to international level

      In addition to their original accumulated technology, many domestic manufacturers' equipment on display in the All India exhibition fully absorbed foreign advanced technology and increased a lot of independent innovation technology, which significantly improved the level of machine structure design. The bottom swing front gauge, double diameter press of paper delivery mechanism and paper transfer drum, pneumatic control (clutch pressure, ink path interlock mechanism, etc.) pneumatic cardboard delivery, alcohol wetting of the teeth holding mechanism of the spring in the conjugate cam driving mechanism, automatic or semi-automatic plate loading mechanism, etc. have basically become the mainstream structure of modern printing machine.

      4、 The degree of automation is gradually improving

      The automation level of domestic printing press has been greatly improved. Take the offset press produced by Yingkou Guanhua as an example. The eight open four-color offset press is equipped with CPC ink supply device, which can directly control the ink amount of various color groups through the operation console. At present, this mechanism is the first time adopted by small offset press manufacturers in China. Its latest four-color offset printing machine is also equipped with a fully closed ink adjustment device, which can automatically adjust the gap size of each ink bucket by scanning the signal bar on the sample sheet with the scanning head. LCD touch screen control has been widely used in printing equipment. The automatic on-board electric printer L has gradually become the standard configuration of the printing press, and its level has been close to the advanced level of similar products in foreign countries.

      5、 The quality of appearance design is significantly improved

      The appearance quality of all the equipment in the All India exhibition has been improved obviously. Silly and bulky products are rarely seen. Some of the equipment is even difficult to distinguish whether it is produced at home or abroad at a glance. The design of appearance color matching with ergonomics is more comprehensive than before.

      The equipment level of manufacturers gradually improves the manufacturing accuracy of printing machine parts. In addition to the level of operators, the key is to have high-precision equipment. It is understood that almost every manufacturer has more than 1-2 machining centers. Some manufacturers also have pentahedral machining centers. CNC machining equipment has become the mainstream equipment of parts processing. Some manufacturers have introduced high-precision grinding machines, which can process gears with a precision of more than 4 grades (the largest diameter of gears can be processed with a diameter of more than 1 m). This is an order of magnitude higher than the previous equipment, which has reached the advanced level of processing similar products in the world.

      The equidistant error of the shaft position of the teeth of the drum above the multiple diameter can be controlled below 0.02mm, which can fully meet the requirements of the drum paper transmission. Product quality is not only related to design, but also closely related to mechanism and technology. For example, it is often found that some of the same batch of machines are in good working condition, while others are in poor working condition. Sometimes the factory adopts the method of dismantling and reassembling. As a result, the quality is not the same after reassembly. The cause of this phenomenon is often difficult to explain, and the result is usually not clear. The next time we encounter the same problem, we should adopt this method to solve it. Through the exchange of views with many peers, we have focused on the process issues. There are many parts on the printing machine. If one part is unqualified, it may lead to the working condition of other parts is unqualified, and finally the whole machine is unqualified. As some manufacturers have said, many of our component standards are not strict enough, many of which we think are qualified parts. Most of them are unqualified according to foreign standards. Therefore, in order to ensure the consistency of products, it is necessary to further improve the processing accuracy of key components. In addition to necessary assembly tooling, it is necessary to install. There should also be special testing tools to speak with data.

      6、 High speed dynamic performance test is imperative

      At present, the accuracy detection we have done is basically the dynamic detection under static condition, except for the noise, others are judged by visual inspection or feeling. Especially when the machine is working at a certain speed and at a certain speed

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