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      Analysis of holographic hot stamping process

      Return list writer:admin click:4843 published:2019-10-26

      Hologram stamping is based on the characteristics of hologram stamping mark. And it is difficult to copy, and it can be divided into continuous pattern hologram mark hot stamping and independent pattern hologram mark hot stamping. The hologram is easy to identify. The application of high-grade carton packaging is more and more extensive.

      1、 Hot stamping process

      Hot stamping process can be divided into hot stamping and cold stamping. It can be divided into ordinary anodized hot stamping and holographic anodized hot stamping, and Maxwell Air conditioner maintenance. Bump hot stamping and holographic hot stamping and other ways of hot stamping according to the different anodized materials.

      The improvement of chemical properties of hot stamping foil. Therefore, it provides a reliable guarantee for the large-scale improvement of stamping speed. At present, the hot stamping process can be completed online. Hot stamping before printing has become another development trend of hot stamping process, which also benefits from the improvement and improvement of chemical properties of hot stamping foil, so UV ink can be used for printing on hot stamping foil. After hot stamping, the opaque or transparent black ink can be overprinted, which can realize the charming effect of die-cutting roller fruit and provide infinite design scheme for packaging designers.

      Hot stamping does not require the use of heated metal plates. Save energy, but use printing adhesive method to transfer metal foil. Cold stamping process can be divided into dry laminating cold stamping and wet laminating cold stamping. The cost of this process is low. It has high production efficiency, wide application range of hot stamping base material, no need of special hot stamping equipment, and can use existing equipment parts, which is a new process with great development prospect.

      2、 Glazing process

      The glazing process can not only embellish the printed matter in a colorful way. Such as waterproof, and can give some special functions to the print. Many packaging users maintain and consolidate the brand image of the products through the special effects of the glazing process, which makes the glazing technology and equipment develop rapidly.

      Now local UV glazing has become a new favorite of packaging and printing enterprises. There are various technologies to realize local UV glazing. Flexo UV glazing, including screen printing local UV glazing. Gravure UV glazing, etc. And mixed ink technology, reverse glazing on-line UV glazing has developed into a new technology of local UV glazing. In terms of performance, the hybrid ink combines the advantages of UV ink and traditional ink, that is, the advantages of UV curing and oxidative polymerization drying, which improves the synergistic effect of the ink surface and UV varnish. Reverse glazing is to use conservative glazing method for local glazing, and finally use local glazing plate printing to achieve the high contrast effect of local graphics and texts. With local glazing, there are both high light and non high light effects on the same printing piece, and it has a certain sense of hierarchy. There are four main forms of on-line UV glazing technology, including common die cutting roller pass ink + double glazing, mixed ink + UV glazing, UV ink + UV glazing, UV ink + OP oil + UV glazing.

      3、 Die cutting process

      In the form of die-cutting. The die cutting process can be divided into round die cutting, round die pressing and flat die cutting. Flat pressing and die cutting can be used in various places with different needs. It can also be used in semi-automatic die-cutting of paper renewal manually, widely used in various industries, and the domestic packaging processing market occupies the main position. The application of wire round die-cutting in cigarette package and other high-end fields has begun to take shape, while the round flattening process is rarely used, mainly used for die-cutting of large-scale products. With the technology update from time to time, magnetic die-cutting, digital die-cutting and other new die-cutting technology is gradually mature. Magnetic die-cutting is a kind of circular die-cutting with split die-cutting roller (magnetic roller + die-cutting cutter plate). This process is not suitable for large batch, single order, but more suitable for small batch, multi order products. Sabre extreme laser die-cutting system of abgraphicintern company is a representative of digital die-cutting technology, which is specially designed to meet the needs of digital web printing die-cutting technology. During die-cutting, there is no need for die-cutting plate, and the data of die-cutting is stored in the prepress system, which controls the laser direction and energy intensity. Digital die cutting speed is very fast, and the waste of data is less.

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